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Grow chillies and other plants indoors with hydroponic LED lights

Any plant (like every living being on our planet) needs two essential things to grow and survive:

  • Water

  • Sun

With indoor cultivation, many times we think it is enough to place them near a window where the sunlight comes through, but unfortunately, it is not enough. Plants in nature grow outside, not at home and for this reason they need direct artificial light 12 -14 hours a day. We can use neon, halogen spotlights or we can take advantage of the new LED technology.

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

LED has countless advantages compared to traditional lighting:

  • Save up to 80% of energy

  • They do not heat up and therefore do not burn the leaves

  • They have an average duration of 15,000 hours

  • Zero emissions of the UV rays that can be harmful to living beings.

  • It costs less, it makes more light.

  • They do not pollute the environment and are almost 100%  

Like classic lighting systems, LED was a huge step forward. On the market there are classic LED bulbs, LED spotlights (non-halogen), LED lights (non-halogen) and LED panels, which we will analyze in detail:

These LED panels are nothing more than a plate with all "special" LEDs that illuminate areas up to 2 square meters, are composed of 225 LEDs, 60 blue LEDs with a wavelength of 465 nm and 165 red LEDs with a wavelength of 650 nm, specially created to offer plants only the spectrum of light needed for photosynthesis without waste.

Traditional and halogen lamps, now obsolete

  1. They consume a lot compared to LED, a traditional lamp of 100w is equivalent to a LED lamp of about 20w.

  2. They get very hot, increasing the risk of fire and short-circuiting.

  3. They emit harmful UV rays.

  4. The traditional filament lamps have a duration of about 1000 hours, halogen ones about 4000 hours, those with LEDs about 15,000 hours.

  5. They pollute the environment and are 30-40% recyclable.

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Invest in the new LED technology, not only as lighting for plants but for your entire home. There's nothing to lose, only to gain!