Chillies: Paper Towel Germination Method

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The paper towel method is one of the most functional and simplest methods for germinating chilli seeds. This method is used to speed up germination times when we want to grow species that take a long time to mature (about 120 days).

To make the germination even easier, for example, if you have little time, we recommend germinating the seeds in small plastic containers such as glasses, write the name on the outside and you're done!

Operations to be carried out

It's very simple and the cost is practically nil. You have to get a transparent plastic container with a lid and make small holes, so as to create an almost "natural" environment that fosters germination. After you have the container and pierced the lid, put a layer of paper towels on the bottom (a kitchen variety is more than adequate)  and you are ready to place the seeds.


To further help the germination and avoid mold, we recommend taking the seeds and putting them in a container with chamomile. Prepare the chamomile and instead of drinking it, let it cool, put it in a container and put the seeds inside for one and a half days maximum. Take the seeds, rinse them with warm water and place them in the container previously created on top of the layer of paper towels, spacing them out from each other. Do not put the container in direct light, just put it near a window, after a few days drops of water will form on the bottom, that is the condensation, it means that you did everything correctly, if the paper is too dry just wet it a little bit with the seeds so as not to leave them sitting on dry paper towels.

Temperature and humidity

In this phase, the temperature must not fall below 15 - 20 degrees and must not exceed 30 degrees. If the temperature remains constant the seeds will sprout in a week. You can help maintain a constant temperature by placing your container inside a cardboard box, for example, not much larger than the container itself with a heat source and monitor the temperature with a thermometer. As a heat source, a normal light bulb will do. Then play around with providing more or less air based on the temperature that thermometer reads.

Exposure of shoots to sunlight

As the seeds sprout you will notice a small root. Now take the other containers, small jars or plastic cups filled with soil, and put the seed inside with this root in the ground. It must be completely covered by the soil (except the seed). Now in order for the plants to grow strong, they need as much light as possible, avoiding direct sun exposure (exposing them gradually) and always avoiding stagnant water. If you do not give it the right light, the plant will begin to grow in height, this is because if it does not get the right light, it will try to lengthen itself; the problem is that growing too much in height weakens it and when it starts to bloom and produce fruit, the plant will not be strong enough to support itself.

Photo of the paper towel method

Here is a practical example of the paper towel method at the time of seed germination, we see a small, white root appear it is almost ready to be planted, remember to place the root facing downwards.