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How can you grow chillies in winter?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are going to grow chillies in the winter. First, you have to make some observations. The external climate is too harsh for chillies to grow, so we must find a solution to this problem. We must build a controlled thermal greenhouse or you will have to cultivate indoors  (inside the house) or inside a closed room, anyway a heated space. (If you are interested in buying select high-quality chilli seeds you can do so at the following link: chilli seeds)

A trick that many growers use is moving plants inside the house, near a window, for the winter. The leaves will fall, but the plant will not die because inside the house the temperature is higher. Consequently, in spring when the temperature rises, you can transfer the plant back outdoors and after a few weeks, you will see a quick recovery of the plant.

Should you cultivate in winter?

Cultivating in the winter season has a cost... Erecting a greenhouse with a controlled internal temperature is not convenient unless we do this work for twelve continuous months with hundreds of plants. Select your favorite 4-5 plants and place them inside the house, near a window and where the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees.

How do I get the plants to bloom and grow chillies?

If you want the plants to bear fruit in the winter, you will need a greenhouse with the right light and temperature. Don't worry, I did this by simply installing a simple fluorescent bulb with a color gradation around 6500k. The gradation may also vary slightly, it will not affect the final result.

To understand the simple operation just look at the photo of one of our customers in our article: Grow chillies indoors.

Soon on our website, we will also include LED light panels. LED technology allows you to save on your electric bill and thanks to this new technology it is possible to power the panel with about ten watts.

A proven low-cost solution... for those of us who are crazy about chillies!

Personally, after trying different methods, I was able to fix the problem this way. I put some chilli plants in a small unused closet with a fluorescent lamp. By heating itself up, the lamp manages to maintain the right temperature, giving the plants the right light, allowing for rapid growth even inside the house. Just keep the temperature between 23 and 27 degrees and under control by making simple holes to let the air in and out. With some talent and a few euros, you can build a greenhouse with all the required requirements.

We have also recently made available the following guides: How to build your own greenhouse for chillies and various vegetables. For those who want something ready and easy to garden greenhouses are also available.