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About us

Everything came to be six years ago when we planted our first chilli plants on the balcony, among them Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, the hottest chilli at that time.

Word spread quickly and we found ourselves swarmed by family and friends who wanted to try our peppers. In little time, we perfected the art of making hot sauces and growing chilli plants, selecting them by the level of heat.

In this as well we experienced high demand from friends and family, snatching up all our homemade products in no time at all.

Birth of

Thanks to this fantastic experience, we decided to launch a startup creating a website dedicated to selling our super spicy products and also that has been a great success.

We sell our products all over Italy, becoming a reference point for speciality spicy products of high quality.

November 2018: The Birth of

Thanks to the experience gained with Diavolo Piccante, we have decided to also sell our products abroad. Welcome to