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How to make chilli plant cuttings

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What is a plant cutting?

The term ‘plant cutting’ refers to cutting a branch or twig from an adult plant and using it to grow a new plant. Thanks to this technique, it’s possible to grow two identical plants with complete ease and simplicity. 

Plant cutting is an effective method for having a larger number of plants without having to undertake more expenses or long growing periods, as is the case for growing a plant from seeds. 

Multiplying the number of plants with the plant cutting method is more and more common and can be used in both plant nurseries and in home gardens. 


Procedure for making plant cuttings

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To make perfect plant cuttings that are able to stand the test of time, it’s useful to follow a precise procedure. 

It’s best to remember that for the transplant, you will need to use the proper tools, and importantly, be sure that the plant is in the growth phase and not the flowering phase.

The outline that follows highlights the procedure for making plant cuttings of chilli plants simply and quickly. 

  1. Using sharp scissors, cut the lowest-lying branch or twig on the original plant. 

  2. Place the branch or twig in a cup of water in order to avoid the formation of embolisms

  3. Insert the branch or twig into a rooting hormone for a period of a couple of minutes. 

  4. Move the branch or twig into a pot filled with moist, unfertilized soil. 

  5. Enclose the branches or twigs in a container with a lid in order to ensure maximum humidity. Let them rest for the first week. 

  6. Avoid exposing the new plant to high temperatures and keep it away from direct sun until the roots have developed and there is evident growth.

The plant cutting of chilli plants can be made with any variety of chilli. Always treat the plant with a high level of care to avoid the possible death of the original plant.