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Big things come from small things. We tried to plant, almost for fun, a chilli pepper on the balcony of the house and from that experiment was born a passion, which then materialized in the farm ItalianChilli.

The cultivation methods of our products are exclusively natural because one of our priorities is to use environmentally friendly techniques that respect the environment and animals.

You will find an entire guide dedicated to the cultivation of chili. From germination to the most disparate FAQ. We want to inform our customers about the best cultivation methods, curiosities and events related to the world of spiciness. In addition, for lovers of cooking, we offer some of the most delicious and extremely spicy recipes.

You can admire and browse among the most varied types of chillies, whose spiciness and flavor makes them unique in the world. Our catalogue boasts one of the most complete encyclopedias in the world.

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Choose the level of spiciness you like the most, take a look here:
Crazy:Over 1.000.000 SHU
Very spicy:From 500.000 up to 1.000.000 SHU
Spicy: From 250.000 up to 500.000 SHU
Medium spicy:From 100.000 up to 250.000 SHU
Slightly spicy:Until 100.000 SHU
Curiosity: freccia%20giu%20piccola.pngfreccia%20giu%20piccola.pngfreccia%20giu%20piccola.png (Click here for info)

Alkaloid responsible for burning:


The World’s Hottest Things Scale:

Scoville Scale (SHU)

Other curiosities

 The world’s hottest chili pepper


Ranks the hottest chillies in the world

The world’s hottest chili:

Carolina Reaper

Former world’s hottest chili:

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Extraction of the active ingredient:

Capsaicina pure

World’s hottest hot pepper seeds: Carolina Reaper seeds

Semi Carolina Reaper

The world’s hottest ex seeds:

 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion seeds

How to grow chili pepper

How to grow chilli peppers

World’s hottest sauce:

Salsa Diavolito

SHU, F1, F2, Capsicum: what do they mean?

What the abbreviations of the chili peppers mean?

Disponibilità prodotti:

Hot pepper seeds:

All the year

Fresh chillies

August - December

Hot chili pepper plants:

From April to July

Dried chili powder:

All the year

Attention! Depending on weather temperatures, availability may vary.