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The world’s hottest sauce? Diavolito sauce!

Lovers of super spicy sauces can try the extreme devilish sauce. This is currently the hottest in the world, made essentially with natural products.


The ingredients for the realization were chosen based on their originality, quality and flavor. The degree of spiciness varies according to the variety of chili you use.

  • Fresh chilli peppers
  • Fresh peppers
  • Basil
  • Onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Levels of spiciness:

Diavolito sauce has various levels of spiciness :

  • Extreme spiciness of 2.000.000 Units of Scoville
  • High spiciness of 1.000.000 Units of Scoville
  • Medium spiciness of 100.000 Units of Scoville
  • Low spiciness of 5.000Unità Scoville


Of course we must be careful that children do not have easy access to the sauce, as soon as we have finished it is important to wash your hands well without touching your eyes, if this happens we must wash them with plenty of water and wait a few minutes.