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How to grow chillies indoors

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Indoor cultivation is necessary if you want to speed up cultivation or if you live in a place where the climate is cold (for example northern Italy) and plants will not survive outside. For this reason, you need to equip yourself to grow them at home or in any place indoors where the internal temperature is in the average range and does not fall below 20 degrees.

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After having germinated the plants, we just have to place them on shelves or whatever you want and in addition to water, give them light, which is very important for growth. Unfortunately, the light that enters from the windows is not enough, so you have to give them artificial light, neon lights or new LED lights.

As soon as the temperature allows, you can put the pepper plants outside and place them in a pot or in the ground.

Small tricks for indoor lighting

If you believe that growing chilli indoors is difficult, you are wrong. The important thing is the right lighting to ensure strong and thriving growth. Prices for DIY lighting are very low. Just think that if you need neon light, a very simple solution is to insert neon tubes or circular tubes in a cabinet/chest or any place where space is limited in order to maintain a good temperature with the sole aid of the heat generated by the neon tubes.

Depending on the space you have available, you can purchase a different type of light, for example

Indoor lighting for chillies

Beware, chilli plants prefer 6400k as a color. Just read the light bulb or neon tube. No panic, cold lights always have that grade.

Classic fluorescent lamps

These are very common in Chinese shops, the quality is certainly not the best, but enough to achieve our first goal: To grow strong and thriving pepper plants. They are mainly suitable for very small spaces, for example, 1 square meter, 1-2 medium power lamps are sufficient, for example, 20-50 watts.

Circular lamp

It is suitable for a greater number of plants. With this, we can illuminate 2 square meters. Even if it seems little, it is suitable for the germination of about 200 plants.

Neon tube

In my basement, I have adopted this type of lighting. I inserted 2 neon tubes in a chest and the result was surprising. Before buying anything get expert advice. The neon system is not based only on the purchase of the tube, but also of the neon reactor and the starter; the cost is always very low, the pieces are cheap and available in every electronics store - useful accessories for the home.

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