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Chilli seeds: how do you plant them?

Are you a beginner? We recommend germinating the seeds with the paper towel method. Finally, as a container, use simple plastic cups. We have more information in the following guide: paper towel method

Choosing the appropriate period for germinating chilli seeds is very important because, unlike the adult plants, the seeds and seedlings in their first month of life are very delicate. It is also important to choose what you want to grow, capsicum annuum (all peppers in this species mature in 60 to 90 days) and the capsicum chinense (they are all the spiciest and mature in about 120 days).

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The ideal time for sowing

The ideal period for sowing chillies is spring when the outside temperature rises and does not fall below 15 degrees. This period is from March to May and if we want to have mature plants and abundant peppers by early summer, we recommend germinating one month to a month and a half early in a greenhouse even as early as the beginning of February. In this way, we speed up growth and we have resistant plants that are ready to churn out many, many peppers.

Soil and temperature

In addition to the temperature, it is important to use potting soil and not regular soil, as a soft soil promotes root growth leading to a healthier and stronger plant. You can use pots or simple containers that can be replaced once the plant is grown. After choosing the soil and the pot, we need to plant the seeds 1 cm under the surface. Now the seeds are ready for germination, which will take place in 3/4 weeks. This phase is very important because:

  • The temperature where you put the jars or containers must never fall below 15 degrees, nor exceed 30.

  • The soil must be constantly moist, avoiding stagnant water. Wet it with a spray bottle. If there is stagnant water, you risk rotting the seeds or letting fungus grow.

Exposure of chilli plants to direct light and general guides

Wait until the first leaves grow and the plant has sprouted. Now in order for the plants to grow strong, they need as much light as possible, avoiding direct sun exposure (exposing them gradually) and always avoiding stagnant water.

If you do not give the plant the right light, it will start to grow in height. This is because the plant needs light and will start looking for it, but growing too much in height weakens it and when it starts to grow chillies, the plant will not be able to support them properly.

If you have this kind of problem, you can fix it using a garden stake or a simple bamboo cane that's not too thick, inserted perpendicular to the ground.

At this point, you can tie your plant to the support rod that you have used, so that while growing it will not be crushed by the weight of the chillies thanks to the support rod. This system can be used both in the pot or in the ground (vegetable garden).

  • For those who do not have the ability or the time to germinate the chillies, it is possible to buy ready-made chilli plants

  • If you wish to have more information on cultivating chillies, you can consult the following guide: Complete guide to growing chilli peppers. We go into depth on many topics, also on germinating using the paper towel method.