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How to preserve chilli peppers: What are the methods?


Peppers, like all fruits and vegetables, after being removed from the mother plant have a limited duration of time.

After picking the pepper according to our taste, it can be preserved and stored:

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Do we love fresh chillies? Every time we want to eat it, must it taste as if it's just been picked?

Ensuring this is very simple, just take the peppers and put them in the freezer at home! When we want to eat them, let's take them out 1 hour before to give them time to defrost.

Defrosting peppers under water is not recommended as it gets too soft and does not keep the same consistency as a freshly picked pepper.

In Oil

Do we love chilli oil? Oil is an excellent method to preserve chillies left-over in the jar and keeping them preserved for years. The oil has pros and cons, it doesn't get ruined and lasts a long time, the chillies only lose the aftertaste and aromatic notes that you taste when eating them fresh.

In Sauces

By creating spicy chilli sauces you can indulge yourself and let your imagination run wild!

Sauces are a good way to preserve peppers, but you lose some aromatic notes. You can use it in many ways, on bruschetta, in first and second courses... everywhere!

We advise you to always make small jars, keep them in the pantry and once opened they must be placed in the fridge and consumed quickly.


Drying the chilli pepper is one of the best preservation methods since any moisture is removed from the peppers and in this way they are kept for years without any mold or other bacteria occurring, but you must like dried chillies.

You don't know how to dry peppers? Read our guide: How to dry peppers


After having dried the chilli pepper to your liking, it can also be made into powder!

You ought to use this technique working outside with a mask and gloves.

Put the chillies in containers as if it were a normal spice from the supermarket and if stored well, can last even 3-4 years.

Do you know some cultivation methods that are not listed? Write to us your method, our philosophy is free and we are always happy to learn. We will also include your method of conservation in the guide with your name or nickname!

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