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When should you pick chillies?

The question that often arises when you're growing chillies is the following: is the pepper ripe?  After the flowering period, we see small peppers start to form. As the days go by they get bigger and bigger, but how do we know if the peppers are ready for harvesting?


Color: the color is the first sign of complete maturation, in fact, 95% of chilli species change color when it has reached full ripeness, within 4-7 days some species of chillies can completely change color, for example from green to red.  

You'll notice a change in color starting from the top, as time passes even the middle of the pepper will begin to change color, and after a few days, it is possible to pick it.

Maturation is a very important factor and shouldn't be underestimated. If we harvest early, the levels of capsaicin will be very low, making the chilli not very spicy.


Tasting: If you have doubts about the maturation of the chilli you have picked, we recommend picking one to sample, usually the smallest, and tasting it. If we taste the capsaicin, the fruit is ripe. This technique is not recommended, the probabilities that the pepper does not change color when it has reached maturity is very low.