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Carolina Reaper Yellow


Carolina Reaper Yellow chilli pepper belongs to the classical and original Carolina Reaper family.

The Carolina Reaper Yellow comes from America, it is an innovative hybrid species, born from the cross-breeding of a Habanero Yellow with a Pakistani Naga Morich.

The Carolina Reaper Yellow is one of the hottest chilli peppers, in fact its value is 2,000,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, which makes it one of the most powerful peppers in the world.

Very recently it has started to develop in our territory; however it is greatly appreciated amongst spicy lovers.


The Carolina Reaper plant has very similar characteristics to its mother, the classic Carolina Reaper.

The plant is well proportioned and it has medium dimensions; it is bright-green coloured and it has down; in the upper part it has small branches with the same features.

Its dimensions are medium. 

The fruit, the proper Carolina Reaper Yellow, has an intense yellow colour, it grows up to1.5 cm during growth and up to 6 cm upon full ripening.

The shape of the chilli pepper is similar to a lantern, and at the end appears to be like a curled scorpion's tail.

The original and innovative shape of the fruit itself is considered a great attraction, both for its shape and for its taste.

The Carolina Reaper Yellow fruit is extremely spicy. However, its spiciness mixes with a pleasant lemon and fruity aftertaste.


The Carolina Reaper Yellow plant is easy to grow. Addiotionally, since it does not grow very much even after full ripening, this allows chilli lovers to be able to farm it even on the terrace of their houses, or in smaller place than the greenhouses.

The growth of the pepper takes up to 90 days.

In order to have a perfect ripening, it is advisable to expose the plant to direct sunlight for long periods of time. It is then necessary to water the soil, without overdoing it.

Useful information

The Carolina Reaper Yellow pepper is considered one of the hottest chilli species in the world. You can feel its pungent and decisive scent just by touching it, even before tasting it. For this reason it would be advisable to handle the plant wearing gloves, avoiding direct contact with the fruit.

Spicy lovers can taste it marinated or it can be dried and consumed as a powder for flavouring meals.

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