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Chupetinho is the name of a particular variety of chili peppers, that originates from Brazil, belonging to the family of Capsicum Chinense (such as the Habanero, Dorset Naga, Bhut Jolokia exc). Its name is due to its particular shape, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. It is not very hot, in fact it reaches 25,000 SHU on the Scoville scale, however it tastes great!


The plant grows as a tree, it remains small and does not grow over 1 meter in height, the leaves are open upwards and the plant itself is very productive. The small chillies do not exceed 2 cm in length, that is why many people want it and it is not that easy to get it!


It is quite simple to farm it, in fact it does not require particular procedures. It is resistant to bacteria and parasites, it requires few daily precautions such as:     

  • sunlight;    
  • watering;    
  • being far from windy spots;    
  • being far from plants and flowers of different kind; 

When is best farming it? If you start from the seed, make it sprout at home or put it directly into the ground around March - April. If you buy a garden that is ready as yet, be sure that the frosting period passed, otherwise if the temperature drops below 14 - 15 C the plant could die or the excessive cold could damage it permanently.

When the weather conditions are ideal, put it in the definitive place, on the terrace or directly in the ground; use a lot of soil nutrients and organic fertilizers only. We suggest to buy a quality product, not too expensive so that you will get the best final result!


Chilli peppers can be preserved in different ways. Consider that on the palate its flavor will be very pleasant with fruity notes. Once it get through full ripening, its colour will be bright red. While cooking, it is recommended in combination with seafood starters and rice salads. You can either eat it fresh, or make sauces and spicy oil.


Chilli peppers can become very dangerous, even if it is not among the hottest in the world. In order to avoid issues, we recommend the use of rubber gloves (not those in latex) and to locate yourself in airy spaces, as terraces, balconies, gardens. Always remember to wash your hands and the other uncovered parts of the body, especially if you are blending the peppers, in fact the powder could fly and settle on the skin and clothes. Have fun!


What's new: from this year are available the new Chupetinho White seeds, hotter, with 100,000 SHU. This variety was created in Italy by Francesco I., by crossing a red Chupetinho with the Habanero white bullet.