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Habanero Chocolate

The Habanero Chocolate, also known as Black Congo, is a chilli pepper belonging to the Capsicum chinense family, the same family as the world's hottest peppers: the Carolina Reaper or the Trinidad Moruga Reperion.

The fruit

This fruit has a medium-high level of spiciness: it can reach up to 300,000 Scoville units!

Its name, Habanero Chocolate, comes from the particular colour of the fruit with brown-black shades, with an aromatic note of barely perceptible dark chocolate that when it is eaten fresh and it is even more accentuated when it is left to dry.

The plant

The plant of this variety is very productive, if it is taken care of, it grows up to 60-90 cm height. It is suggested for those who live in the city, to be farmed in a large vase. It has hanging fruit, their colour varies from green to brown, the height of the fruits varies between 4 and 6 cm, the width varies between 2.5 and 5 cm, the full ripening takes place in late season. The complete ripe of the fruits takes place between August and September. 


In order to farm it, the weather shall be very sunny and warm; under 10 C the stem and the leaves begin to suffer and the soil must be moist during the first hours of watering, but not excessively. You shall avoid the typical stagnant water that could lead to rotting. If you want to learn more on chilli farming, see the following guide: How to grow chilli peppers.

As of the fruits, it is advisable to manage them in well-ventilated areas.  Wear a mask and a pair of gloves, especially if you want to obtain dried chilli powder, however be aware that they do not cause irreversible damage over time. 

If your eye or mucous membranes accidentally touch it, you will immediately feel burning. Rinse with water. The burning feeling will will gradually disappear.

In order to obtain the seeds, you should use good-looking ripen fruits; then they should be extracted and left to dry outside until they are dry. If you skip this step, there could grow molding and all the fruits will be wasted.

For more info, see the following guide: How to harvest and store chilli seeds.

These fruits are also recommended for obtaining special and fragrant flavours for cooking, widely used for their peculiar colour.

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