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Habanero Mustard


Habanero Mustard is a variety of the most famous and known Habanero chilli. The name derives from its amber and orange colour, when it reaches its maximum ripeness.



The Habanero Mustard is a species of chilli pepper that comes from the Yucatan peninsula. The territory and the environment, characterized by a very hot weather, have allowed the Habanero Mustard to be classified as one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world. In fact, its degree of spiciness reaches up to 250,000 SHU. In our territory the Habanero Mustard began to spread only in the early nineties. Today it is normally farmed in greenhouses or in pots directly, as long as they are exposed to high temperatures.


The Habanero Mustard pepper has an elongated shape, almost like a lantern. Its dimensions can vary between 30 cm and 1.5 m height, depending on the weather conditions where they are grown. The leaves of this species of Habanero have an intense green colour and reach large dimensions, both in width and in length, respectively 15 cm and 4 c. The fruits of the Habanero Mustard, unlike the other species of Habanero chilli pepper, have a peculiar and sophisticated characteristic: they are wrinkled. When they reach full ripening, they take on an amber color, instead while growing, they are deep-green coloured.


Farming the Habanero Mustard is an operation that can be easily performed even at home. It is good to remember that this species of chili pepper needs a light soil, without any water or liquids. The plant is perennial and it must be watered regularly, but not excessively. In order to farm it properly, make sure that the plant is always exposed to the sun, so as to receive enough heat for a correct growth. Since it grows and it is used in high temperatures, the Habanero Mustard cannot be left outside in winter time, as it would suffer too much and would perish. The fruits can be harvested and enjoyed only when they reach an orange color.


The Habanero Mustard is a chilli pepper with a very spicy and at the same time flavoured taste. In fact, its scent and its aroma of apricot make it ideal for jams and  savory sauces for every meal.


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