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Habanero White

Habanero white

This variety of chilli pepper belongs to the Capsicum Chinense species, which comes from South America. It is supposed that the name originates from Habana, capital city of Cuba. The fruit is farmed in California, Texas, Belize, Costa Rica and, in the last few years, in Italy as well, especially in the regions of Tuscany, Lazio, Sicily and Calabria.

It has a particular white-ivory colour, and beyond its very elegant shape, you will find a super hot chilli pepper with characteristics that do not go unnoticed!


Fruit and plant

Fruits are small and hanging; after raping, they grow up to 3-4 cm.

The plant has to be located in a sunny place due to its Carribean origins; it needs a regular watering according to temperature and humidity. Avoid water stagnation! Harvest the fruit only once it is fully ripened, that is to say once it reaches the white porcelain - ivory colour.

You can farm this variety in the garden or on the terrace, as long as these are sunny places. The plant has ramifications and the leaves are dark-green coloured; the height can vary between 60-70 cm.

For more information about the farming, see the following guide: Soil for chillies


See the following guide if you want to know how to farm chilli peppers from seeds: Guide to growing chillies

For its alimentary use, we strongly recommend not to use chemical products.

The plant of the Habanero White is very resistant to parasites, fungi and drought, yet the germination is slow. March is the ideal month for germination so to harvest fruit between July and August. 


This variety reaches the 250,000 SHU in spiciness. 

Capsaicin is mainly concentrated in the fruit's placenta, the white part where the seeds are.

For more information on this substance, see the following article: What is capsaicin?

Beneficial Properties

This and all the other varieties, apart from being spicy, have many beneficial properties, among which antibacterial, antioxidant, pain reliever; it is also rich in vitamins and it is used to avoid skin ageing, with little contraindications.

Fun Facts

Habanero White has been used since 5,500 b.C. in Cuba, then it was brought to Mexico through big galleons and its success was great since the very beginning. In fact, it soon became a cool product, healthy and used by many successful chefs.

During the last few years, it has been employed even in the fashion industry. A grape of Habanero White hung from the bags of the models to everyone's astonishment and curiosity. 

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