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Habanero Red Savina


The  Habanero Red Savina, also known as Dominician Devil's Tongue Pepper or Ball of Fire is among the hottest peppers in the world. The plant, of the Capsicum Chinense species, has Cuban origins, but its farming is widespread in Mexico, Belize, Texas and finally in California. The Habanero family has many variations, including Habanero Chocolate, Habanero Orange, Habanero Red Savina, Habanero White. Appearance and characteristics are vaguely reminiscent of the Fatalii chili pepper, a pepper of the Capsicum Chinense species of Caribbean origin, (i.e. the different colour and shape).

This variety won the Guinness Book of Records in 1994 as the hottest pepper in the world with peaks of 450,000 on the Scoville scale.

It is quite popular and it is used for cooking, also to create spicy sauces for meat, chicken and burgers meals.

Curiosity and information

The name derives from the combination of three terms, Habanero Red Savina. The first refers to the species, the second probably to the bright red colour of the fruit and Savina is the name of the mother of Frank Gacia, the man who discovered it in 1989, when he noticed amongst his Habanero Orange chilli peppers that some of them were red and named them after his mother.

The fruit

The elongated, smooth, fiery red shape that scares just by looking at it, measures from 5 to 7 cm  length and is about 2-4 cm wide. The ripening time takes long, the colour varies from green when it is not ripened, until it becomes red when the chilli has reached full ripening.

At this point it is possible to detach it from the plant and taste it perhaps with some nice pasta. Its notes are aromatic, almost reminiscent of an exotic fruit, strong and pungent taste, a few seconds later there is a strong feeling of spiciness.

Remember to understand your spicy tolerance, start with a small amount and then increase it if you still haven't found the right level of spiciness.



The plant can be grown both on the ground and in pots, or even on the terrace. Rememberto place it in a sunny  place; in order to develop properly it needs plenty of direct sunlight.

It can be combined without problems with other varieties. It reaches a height of about 50-80 cm, and a width of about 50 cm. 

Soil of excellent quality rich in nutrients favours a regular development of the plant.

If the pot is not very large or you want more results it is possible to fertilize the plant with high quality products.

For more information on how to farm it, see the following guide: How to grow chilli peppers

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