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Let’s discover the Jalapeño chilli pepper


1. How hot is Jalapeño?
2. How to use Jalapeño in cooking
3. Pickled Jalapeños
4. Stuffed Mexican Jalapeños
5. Nachos with Jalapeños and melted cheese
6. How to grow Jalapeños
7. Health benefits
8. Our products

Jalapeño is one of the most well-known Mexican peppers in Europe. This aphrodisiacal
pepper can be widely used while cooking and it is not overly spicy, making it adaptable
to everyone. The average size of the Jalapeño is 4 to 9 cm. It has Spanish and Nahuati
origins and its name derives from Jalapa, a Mexican city. It is used extensively in Mexican and
Texan cuisine and it has great popularity in the United States, as well as in Europe. You might
have heard people call the Jalapeño by the names gordo, cuarsmenho, and huacinango, which refer to the same product. However, it can be differentiated by shape, size,
type, and level of spiciness. In this case, in order to distinguish the different types of Jalapeños, people name it purple, jumbo, early and so on.

Let’s try to learn more about this Mexican chilli pepper, such
as how to grow it and especially how to cook with it to create delicious and aphrodisiacal

How hot is Jalapeño?

The spiciness depends on how ripe the chilli pepper is. While cooking, we generally prefer green
Jalapeños. These are still not entirely ripe and they are less hot and have a more intense
flavour. Given the moderate levels of capsaicin in it, everyone could like the green Jalapeño. On average, this Mexican chilli pepper has a minimum grade of spiciness of 2500 to a maximum of 10000 SHU. Be careful though, some chillies can even reach 25.000 SHU!

How to use Jalapeños in cooking

You can play around in the kitchen with these Mexican peppers as much as you want. There
are many, and we mean many recipes with the Jalapeño. They can be eaten pickled and
also after preserving in oil. If you like more elaborate meals, you can try these peppers either stuffed, grilled, and even baked. The Chipotle recipe is very well-known and includes drying and
smoking Jalapenos with a specific type of wood, the American walnut. Lastly, how could we not
mention nachos with Jalapenos and melted cheese? To sum up, Jalapeños are a spicy,
aphrodisiacal and highly versatile food product. Here are some recipes.

Pickled Jalapeños

Ingredients: Jalapeños, black pepper, garlic, marjoram, oregano, bay leaves, extra virgin olive oil, white vinegar, Kosher salt, water, and a sealable jar.
Instructions: Boil water with two teaspoons of salt and half a liter of white vinegar in a pot. Slice the peppers, throwing out the smaller ones. Next, put the Jalapeños into
the jar with pepper, garlic, marjoram, oregano and bay leaves in about two cm of
oil along with the boiled salt and vinegar water. At this point, you can close the jar and put it in a pot full of boiling water for a couple of minutes. Take the jar out of the water and store it in a cool and dark place for at least a month. Remember that pickled Jalapeños need to be consumed within a year. This recipe is perfect for both appetizers and sides and is a great way to spice up any meal.

Stuffed Mexican Jalapeños

Ingredients: Jalapeños, soft cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs, frying oil, milk and salt.
Instructions: Cut the peppers longways; be sure you remove both seeds and stem. Then fill them with the cheese you choose and close them with a toothpick. Now it’s time to prepare the breading. First of all, beat the eggs, then add salt and milk. Meanwhile, start heating the oil in a frying pan. Put the stuffed peppers into the butter and then into the breadcrumbs. Once cooked, remove them from the oil and place them on paper towels to absorb the oil in excess. They’re ready to eat. A small piece of advice: avoid serving stuffed Jalapeños to small children or people who have certain dietary restrictions.

Nachos with Jalapeños and melted cheese

Ingredients: Jalapeños, soft cheese, tortilla chips.

Instructions: Cut the Jalapeños into round slices. Put the chips into a baking pan, then cover with the cheese and peppers. Put the pan into the oven at 180° C and bake until the cheese is melted. Then it’s ready to eat! This is a perect recipe for an appetizer or to share with friends with a beer. Don’t forget you could use this recipe for a romantic dinner,  Jalapeños are a great aphrodiasic food!

How to grow Jalapeños

These Mexican peppers adapt easily to different weathers and so are not difficult to grow. First of all, you’ll need to plant 2 to 3 Jalapeño seeds in a pot and cover them with soil. It is
important that the soil is always moist. Keep the pot in a dark place with little light. Once the seeds emerge, you can move the pot to a shelf or an high place, making sure that it’s
facing south. Rotate the pot every now and then to be sure that the plants grow vertically and don’t bend toward the sun. When at least two leaves have emerged, it’s important to separate the seeds and place them into larger pots as the plants grow larger. Then you can move the plants to the garden, allowing plenty of space between them. Be sure the spot receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. Remember to water them at least once a week. The peppers will be ready to be harvested in three months, once they are green and even spicier than when they are ripe. If you prefer a sweeter taste, wait until they turn red and ripe. 

Health benefits

This Mexican chilli pepper is also good for your health. Capsaicin is just one of the beneficial element in it. Capsaicin is an analgesic, it fights against bacteria, it is anti-
carcinogeic and can help reduce bad cholesterol in people suffering from obesity. Jalapeños
also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, flavanoids (alfa-carotene, beta-carotene, etc.) which are
antioxidants that can help dealing with stress. So it looks like Jalapeños have many positive
characteristics! First of all, they are delicious and can be used to prepare exquisite, spicy
meals. Second, they are simple to grow, all you need is a little patience. And finally, Jalapeños are also good for you health and contain important nutritional substances for the body. Have you ever tried them?

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