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How to make hot chilli pepper cream 

The chilli pepper cream (or sauce) is one of the most common and appreciated since it gives a unique taste to any meal. In fact, it can be used on bruschetta, pasta and main courses, meat and second courses... as long as you like the spiciness!

What is the difference between chilli pepper cream and spicy oil?

The spicy oil leaves a burning feeling and the taste of the specific chilli pepper is reduced. 

On the other hand, the sauce leaves an high level of spiciness, giving the taste and the aroma of the chilli pepper which has been used. 


Fresh chilli pepper (at least 250 gr per jar), oil, salt, garlic.


Cut off the stem from the chilli peppers and blend them coarsely. Leave them dry in a strainer for about 12 hrs.

Blend again the chilli pepper, add a pinch of salt, one clove of garlic e oil until you obtain the texture you like.

Boil the empty jars so to sterilize them, add the chilli pepper cream and fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil up to the top. Another method of storing, which was widely employed by our grandparents, is filling the jar, closing it hermetically and boil it for around half an hour so to sterilize both the jar and the cream. This latter method will allow you to store the jars for two years in the cupboard.

Once you have opened it, store in the fridge. 

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