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sepia serpent



The Sepia Serpent chilli pepper represents a modern hybrid species, recreated from the crossing of two famous and tasty varieties, the Trinidad Scorpion Buth Taylor and the Trinidad Douglah. Its high degree of spiciness makes it highly comparable to the Carolina Reaper pepper. On the Scoville scale, in fact, the Sepia Serpent reaches 1,500,000 SHU.


The Sepia Serpent plant has a long, green stem, from which slightly oval, medium-sized leaves are born, with a green color. The chillies, round in shape, have a rough exocarp  and a pigmentation that varies according to the period of growth. In fact, initially the predominant color is green, which turns into red / brown, even very dark, during the full ripening phase. The level of spiciness is extreme, but at the same time particular tastes are exalted, such as hazelnut and a citrus and fruity aroma. It even smells like citrus and sweet. 


The farming of the Sepia Serpent plant is quite simple and immediate. Once the seeds have been sown, germination is practically immediate. The plant produces a large amount of chilli. The best time to harvest them is when they are fully ripe, or when they take on a dark brown colour.


The Sepia Serpent pepper is extremely spicy. Try to handle it with care to avoid contact with eyes and mouth. This species is very tasty and the spicy melts with a fruity and aromatic aftertaste. Given the taste, the Sepia Serpent lends itself perfectly to create sauces to pair with cheeses, croutons and much more. Furthermore, it is also very suitable as powder, then left to dry, and then chopped and used to flavour different meals.