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Chilli pepper in oil: recipe

  1. Ingredients 
  2. Preparation 
  3. Seeds
  4. In the can 

This is a technique used in the past by ancient peoples to preserve food. Of course, to avoid the formation of molds you have to put the chilli pepper in the salt to ensure adequate dehydration.

Ingredients needed:

  1. 50 grams of salt
  2. 100 grams of fresh Chillies (you can choose the variety that suits you best)
  3. 500 ml of olive oil (Excellent quality, preferably homemade)


First you have to dehydrate the chillies and, to do this, you have to cut the chillies into cubes or strips , place them on a paper towel, (also a common scottex ) and finally sprinkle them with salt.

After 24 hours we have to change the paper towels and turn them around; this operation has to be done for three days. A recommendation is that the salt should cover evenly the entire surface of the chillies so that the dehydration process takes place properly..


The question of whether to leave the seeds or not, is answered that everyone can choose according to their own tastes. With the seeds comes a very spicy oil, while if we remove all the seeds the flavor is more aromatic, so everything will depend on personal tastes.

In the can

At this point we put the chopped chillies in a jar and fill it with extra virgin olive oil: It is essential that the surface of the chillies does not protrude from the oil, because in this case it will form mold that may alter the flavor.

At this point we have to put the oil to rest for about two weeks, in a dark and dry place, after which you just have to transfer the spicy oil and serve it on the table.

It is recommended to do some tests, there are those who prefer to leave the chillies in oil until the product is finished.

Personally I love it over the pasta with tomato sauce, but you can very well free your imagination and make many tests.

Enjoy your meal now!