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The 10 hottest dishes in the world 

The use of hot pepper in the cuisine of the world is varied and this has given rise to numerous dishes, some of which have an extreme use and their consumption becomes almost a challenge. the idea of inserting a spicy note in foods and recipes, in a more or less overbearing way. Some of these, however, have given rise to dishes that more than others have rather extreme nuances of this concept. These are some dishes from various countries that we recommend to try to the most daring.

Sik Sik Wat, Etiopia. 

It’s a dish from Ethiopia.

It is a stew that has as its ingredients various types of meat ( mainly chicken), with abundant red peppers, chili, pepper and fenugreek. It’s a hot dish, with slices of bread or crepes. It’s a dish from Ethiopia.


Kimchi Jjigae, South Korea.

Even if the recipe does not need chili pepper, it still has foods such as green onions, garlic, tofu, mushrooms and peppers that increase the boiling temperature and the quantity of peppers, give rise to a variety of Kimchi whose level of spiciness can be high!

Cau Cau, Peru.

It is a potato stew that can reach high levels of spiciness if a high amount of yellow peppers is added.

Sambal Oelek, Indonesia.

It consists of a mixture of various types of chillies, namely habaneros, cayenne, bird’s eye chili and Spanish chillies giving it a particular spiciness.

Huo Guo, China.

The recipe consists of meat, vegetables, mushrooms and fish. Everything is cooked for a long time in a particular Mongolian pan, with the addition of abundant oil and pepper, which gives a strongly spicy flavor to the dish.

Kismot Killer, Scotland.

The main feature of this dish is the very high amount of curry, which makes it the spiciest dish in the world. The Kismot restaurant is very famous in Scotland, where this dish receives a lot of appreciation.

Fried rice from Pearl Café, Florissant.

This dish is recognized for its spicy fried rice. Again the dish soon became the subject of particularly extreme challenges to Pearl Cafè, a Thai restaurant in Missouri.
Huo Guo, China. 

The “Burrito suicida coreano”, San Francisco.

The "Korean Suicide Burrito" belongs to the American spicy cuisine and has as its ingredients the Mexican, Chinese and Korean chillies.

Kua Kling Phat Tha Lung, Thailand.

The dish consists of lardy meat sprinkled with a considerable amount of curry. It is a very common dish in traditional Thai cuisine with a remarkable spiciness.

Magma 2.0, Madrid.

The creator of the recipe is the chef of the restaurant Oam Thong, known for the preparation of special dishes with a spicy flavor. The main ingredient of the dish is one of the hottest curries in the world with the addition of 12 hot peppers Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.