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Chili and Nobel Prize: Vitamin C



Numerosi studi hanno sottolineato quanto il peperoncino, viste le sue numerose sostanze nutritive , abbia dei notevoli benefici sul metabolismo. Infatti è ricco di ferro, calcio, fosforo e,elemento molto importante per il nostro organismo, la vitamina C .

Vitamin C: properties and benefits

Perhaps not many people know that 100 grams of chillies contain about 250 milligrams of vitamin C and could replace an orange juice ( 300 grams).

With a portion of 30 gr. about chillies we can get the necessary daily intake of vitamin C , ensuring a valuable support to the immune system. Thanks to its antioxidant function it helps to prevent the aging of body tissues. Vitamin C is very important for our body so we need a diet that avoids the alteration of collagen synthesis and the absorption of nutrients such as iron. 

But how did we discover the miraculous properties of vitamin C contained in chili?

Albert Szent-Györgyi , a Hungarian scientist, dedicated his life to scientific research, but is remembered mainly for having isolated vitamin C ; discovery awarded with the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology.

The scientist analyzed the causes of a historical episode where sailors heading to America to load new goods fell ill with scurvy done , which did not happen on their return. Therefore the scientist’s attention turned to the food that sailors consumed during the trip, namely oranges, which were essential for their health. But, the thing that got his attention, was the consumption of chillies during the return trip.

Thus Szent-Gyorgy isolated vitamin C, ( 30s of the 20th century) from chillies that showed a higher potential than oranges.

From passion to science

Chili is undoubtedly a very important food that has seen its importance increase in history . Its use in culinary art has demonstrated its versatility and in addition to being a health benefit it also has an important historical background, as taught by the scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi.