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Seven pod 

Already in the 17th century, the Seven Pod began to spread among the pirates, buccaneers and soldiers of the king. A powerful pepper that gave more flavor to the dishes of the fighters and that turned out to be the strongest of all spices at the time known.


This variety of chili comes from the islands Trinidad & Tobago, is known for its spiciness as well as fruity aroma. One chili pepper is enough to make spicy 7 pots of beans...


The chilli is irregularly shaped ( Capsicum chinense), without the . punta and superficially rough. It is recognized in sixth place on the Scoville scale. The plant can reach a height of one meter by 80 wide, its leaves of an intense green have an oval shape, the white flowers come from a node in a maximum of three. The fruit is very similar to Habanero , with a length of 3.4 cm and a width of 4.8 cm. The color varies from light green to orange until it reaches red when it is ripe.

Today there are about a dozen varieties that have the same shape but the colors vary from yellow to burgundy with shades from white to brown.


Cultivating the Seven Pod is simple as it does not present any particular problems and produces abundant fruits. Proceed with sprouting the seed in the heat and be patient: when the first bud will sprout it should be placed in a container with soil and as soon as you see the first leaves and will have reached 10 cm in height you can put in the soil. Obviously the temperature should not be below 15-20 degrees.

The soil should be suitable and not present chemical elements. ( link: how to grow chili) The growth of future seedlings should be fertilised and controlled. We recommend exposure to the sun and proper irrigation, useful to avoid molds or parasites ( link: Diseases and pests of chili and How to prepare the soil for chili).


Chili is a very useful food to our body because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it is recommended to fight the cold and burn fat. Thanks to Capsaicin it is excellent against bone pain, high blood pressure and its consumption, improves circulation. Some studies recognize Capsaicin’s ability to reduce the formation of prostate cancer cells.