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Dragon tongue



He was born in an Italian company in a completely random way.


The main characteristics of this plant are the sturdiness , the height ( 120cm ) and is very prolific. It has an important number of dark green leaves, few flowers, about one pair per knot, of white colour. Its spiciness is favored by direct exposure to the sun from March to May.

Very important is the fertilization of the soil and the distance between the plants ( 50 cm) that prevents the stagnation of water. The shape of the fruit is elongated with a rough surface, inside there are many seeds accompanied by a consistent placenta. When it is ripe it has an intense red color, particularly crisp and compact.


In the kitchen we can use it as a dressing ( or powder or sauce) or raw being very careful to its spiciness. Its elongated shape allows to cut it into rings for a pleasant decoration of the dishes .


The name comes from the fact that as soon as it is tasted , it is so strong that it will seem to have fire in the mouth.

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Species: Capsicum Chinense
Plant: 120 cm
Maturation: red
Spiciness: the extreme
Scoville: 2.000.000 SHU
Origin: Italy